Make Your Own Acrylic Charms

I had been wondering for awhile where DA artists get their acrylic charms made. You really have to know what your looking for. I kept searching for heat press acrylic manufacturers but could not find anything. Apparently your supposed to look for ‘laser cut acrylic’. Finally I have found two (I’m surprised I found even one, because its such a well guarded secret) manufacturers of custom acrylic charms. And even more shocking is that their prices are pretty good.

The llama charms above are heat pressed acrylic. That means that colors are added to the acrylic to make a picture.  I bought the white llama charm at Colossal Con (an anime convention) from MoogleGurl a kawaii (cute) artist. I love my llama key chain. Sadly its head snapped off. Anyway, the company that makes heat pressed acrylic charms is called The minimum charm order is 100 and the cost comes out to about $1 a charm.  (Edit: Princess announced that it is no longer offering its custom printing services as of Feb. 28, 2o13.  My alternate suggestion is Zap Creatives, which I review below.)

There is one other useful company that I found that is like a one stop shop for commercializing your art. It is called It is based across the pond, which means the shipping costs are high and all the prices are in pounds, but they do give US customers a discounts which makes it really close to what Printsess charged. I have personally used this service and I am very happy with how my charms turned out. I even received extra charms with my order. Zap Creatives has great customer service as well. You can order printed charms, or cut charms like the ones below. Zap Creatives is also one of the only companies I know who make sticker sheets. (edit) They now offer wood and metal charms as well.

The other route you can go is laser cut acrylic. Laser Cut is cut with a laser obviously, but so are the charms above. However the difference is that Laser Cut acrylic charms are a solid color (whatever color the acrylic is) the details are cut and etched into the acrylic. Examples of this type of charm are below:

Notice that the grey details on the bat are etched with the laser, while the details on the monster are cut all the way through.

A good company I found that makes affordable acrylic charms in small quantities is They have a good selection of colors and styles.

(edit) D. Bowen suggested Ink It Labs  as another choice for custom charms. They do both acrylic and wood, and they offer back side printing. Please check them out. They tend to be a little more expensive.

Anna has contacted me about CraftJam another UK based company that makes custom acrylic charms. You can download their Quote form and submit to find out what they charge. The also have a large selection of pre-made charms you can order.

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28 responses to “Make Your Own Acrylic Charms

  1. omgggosh i can’t tell you how happy I am to finally find info on these TT____TT I’ve been desperately searching for places to make my acrylic charms. Thank you so so much ❤

  2. It is so hard to find information on how to do these like the artists on DA and conventions, its like they are sworn to not make it public lol. Thank you so much for this post

  3. I LOVE YOUUU!!! two years of my life searching for this! Thank you ;-;
    Now I only need to find the site of that awesome custom plushies, and I will be done.

  4. Have you checked out ? Cost a bit more, but the quality is amazing! The old saying is, you get what you pay for. Check out their Facebook page, they go way beyond what they show on their website.

  5. Thanks to you now I have fantastic Lady Gaga charms ♥
    Do you think that you can make a plush makers post? I just can’t find the right ones.

  6. Hi Everyone. Keep in mind that Printsess is going out of business as of February 28, 2013. They will take orders up until that date. I have used them for the past 2 years and they will be missed. This type of service is very rare.

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  8. Has anyone found a great place to have charms made? I have used Printsess exclusively in the past, and now that they are going out of business I will need to find a new manufacturer for my charms. I have heard of Zap Creative, and recently I have found Ink it Labs. However, I have not used either service. Are there any other charm makers out there?

    • Hi, I have just come across your post, I know a little late! I make acrylic printed charms and am also looking at doing wood as well as the clear acrylics. If you are interested, you can find me at I ship world wide. THANKS!

      • Thank you for your contact info. I was looking at your custom design page, and I notice you offer prices by quote. It would also be convenient if you your company decided on some base prices for certain quantities and sizes of specific types of charms. It would give customers a better idea of what options would save them money, for example ordering a larger batch of charm than a smaller batch or allowing a certain number of designs in specific batch sizes (look at the ZapCreatives pricing method). I like that you offer layered acrylic charms. Those are cool. Do you also offer layered charms as a custom cutting option? It is great to know that there are other options out there, and I am especially excited that you are looking into wood and clear acrylic.

      • Hey, I have a pricing structure which is sent out to customers upon interest in the service. I am currently having a re design in which the pricing will be input into. I can do double layer charms as custom however having the pricing for these ones on line does vary greatly so has to be judged on individual quotes. Hopefully I will have pricing for the new printing as well as wood and clear very soon when my web site has been re designed!

  9. Wow, thankyou so much for this and the post on the plushies! Definitely will be using Gann Memorials and ZapCreatives very soon. (:
    Sorry to bother you, but do you know know anything about the shirts that Mooglegurl/Ryan Zanfei/ Tasty Peach Studios has? Like where she gets those made? ^_^ Thankyou again for the information!

    • is a US company. It is the last company mentioned in this post. They specifically do laser cutting, so that means your charm design can be cut or etched, but not printed on the acylic. They also have other materials to choose from like: wood, felt, and mylar.

  10. makes custom charms in clear, black, white, wood with amazing quality and they are in the USA, based in Austin, Texas. Let’s get the word out about them. They take both vector and raster files and everyone who works there is an artist.

  11. I have been SEARCHING for like 2 years for this stuff. YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER (literally this is my business and I’m so tired of making clay charms). Thank you!!!

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