Make Your Own Sticker Sheets

I’m writing this post as a sequel to the acrylic charms post. I was looking for a way to get sticker sheets of my art made. I once again didn’t know what to search for. I kept googling make your own sticker sheets, and instead of sticker sheets I would get bumper stickers or single round stickers. I wanted to make a sticker sheet with multiple stickers on it, like the kind you would buy in stores. I found out yesterday that I should have been searching for “kiss cut stickers”. This is not something that would naturally occur to me, but the term kiss cut does fit what  I was looking for.

A kiss cut is when a blade barely touches the sticker sheet, cutting the top sticky layer, but not cutting through the paper backing. The stickers are kissed. I found one company so far that has decent prices on making your own kiss cut sticker sheets. Stickers tend to be fairly expensive. The site that makes them is Zap I mentioned them before in the acrylic charms post.

The cost of the sticker sheets depends on quantity and size of sticker sheets. The Minimum order is 50. All prices are displayed in Pounds because the company is based in the UK.

If you know of any other good manufacturers please tell me.

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