Geeky Gifts

I was searching sites that specialize in geeky gifts, like and, and found some interesting things that I didn’t expect.

I love Doctor Who! I want to marry the Doctor… not gonna happen, but let a girl dream. This set of figurines includes all 11 doctors. Not something I suggest buying for anyone who isn’t both a Doctor Who diehard and a figurine collector. On the left is the 11th doctor’s sonic screwdriver, which is a coveted item for any Doctor Who fan.

I think Portal is a clever video game, so for Portal fans I found these putties from Aperture Science and Portal bookends. Wouldn’t you love to go through books this quickly.

Aren’t these steampunk dice cute? I love the details on these antiqued metal dice.  Even better, get your steampunk geek a pocket watch! This one is only 5.55

mad scientist alphabet blocks

And for the progeny of geek parents, the Young Mad Scientist’s Alphabet Blocks. These educational building blocks not only teach the alphabet, but also illustrate scientific terms. If only they had a set of blocks like these when I was young.

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