The Anachronism: Steampunk Short Film


The Anachronism is a short film that I highly recommend watching.

An ‘anachronism’ is a thing belonging to a period other than that in which it exists. I looked this up in the dictionary.

I will not spoil the film for your. But I will tell you that to be steampunk  there has to be an industrial/steam age interpretation of technology. What do you mean and why does it have to be that way? Steampunk is all about appearance melded with functionality. In other words dressing up modern technology as it would have looked if it had been created during the height of the industrial revolution. For you history buffs, the prime period of time to draw from is between 1837 (the reign of Queen Victoria) and 1914 (the end of King Edwards reign and the beginning of WWI).  Your interpretation can be flexible. Unfortunately the integration of technology is often overlooked.

I tell you all this, to help you understand how “The Anachronism” fits into the steampunk genre.

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