Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

I am having a hard time waiting patiently for Guild Wars 2 to come out. Next week I will be participating in the open Beta and its killing me. I’ve already picked out which races and professions I will be pairing and I’ve even chosen their names and know which biographical options I’ll choose.

Normally I don’t play MMO’s, for the simple fact that I like a good personal story and because I don’t play well with others… I hate having to form parties and all that. However I can’t resist Guild Wars 2. I took one look at the vast detailed environments and felt my MMO hating heart melt…. It didn’t hurt that Guild Wars 2 gives you your own personal story, and has a faceted history and lore of its own, which satisfies my craving for a good RPG.

Why you should play Guild Wars 2:

  1. Types of Gameplay: You have 4 main styles of gameplay to choose from.¬† Player vs Environment. Tyria ( the world within Guild Wars 2) is enormous and populated by vibrant cultures. There is so much to explore, which really turns me on to this game. World vs World, is where 3 teams battle to take over towns and fortresses. There are hundreds of players involved. I don’t know very much about this aspect of the game. Player vs Player, involves small groups of players vying for check points or some other goal. I keep thinking of Team Fortress when I watch the videos. The last option you have are the Dungeons, where a party of experienced players can venture into to show their fighting prowess.
  2. Environment and Races: Guild Wars 2 is giving me wander lust. They managed to create a unique world with beautiful and terrifying cities. For example the Sylvari and their natural city made of large luminous plants. In my opinion it is even more beautiful than the world in Avatar. The Charr city is a blazing, metallic and coated in a layer of soot. I bet they have acid rain. The Humans have a medieval city of white stone. The Asuran’s have a futuristic city with cubic structures that defy gravity. The Norns have a tribal Snow covered city that seems primitive and fierce.
  3. Character Creator: You are able to choose from 5 races: Human, Norn, Sylvari, Asuran, and Charr. You are able to customize your character to build a unique persona. Maybe its just my girly side coming out, but I love to make my own characters. It helps me feel connected to my character. I am impressed by the quality of the character art. The hair actually looks like hair and less like cardboard.

I’m sure I’ll have many more reasons to play Guild Wars 2 after I get a chance to play it next weekend.


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