Anxiously waiting to play GW2

Ventari Tablets GW2

So, ever since I downloaded the client for Guild Wars 2 I’ve been neurotically staring at the login screen and making futile attempts to log in. I know I can’t login yet, but I just can’t resist the urge to test it…. repeatedly.

Saturday my boyfriend and I are going to have a Guild Wars date, and play GW2 all day. Chris will be playing a human (female) mesmer, so I thought I would tease him and make a Charr(male) and hit on his character using terribly pick up lines…. “Hey there pretty lady…”

So my game plan for this weekend is to try 3 of the eight professions, and check out the 3 available races and their starting areas. I plan on trying the thief profession, because out of the 8 it is my least favorite. I need to give the thief profession a fair shot, I might end up really liking it. I’m also going to test the guardian profession, to see if it is as fun as I imagine it will be. So far I feel like the guardian will be the easiest profession for me to use as a team player. It seems to have a balance of combat strength and defensive magic that will allow me to jump into the fray and assist my teammates. I haven’t decided on a third profession, but I want to get a good taste for each race and profession so I don’t want to dilute the experience by trying too many different things.

Does anyone else have plans for Beta Weekend?

I made fanart to pass the time.


2 responses to “Anxiously waiting to play GW2

  1. I plan on seeing just how much of a support character I can bend the elementalist into. We could make a good duo – your Guardian and my ele. I was going to run a mesmer until I saw how they looked and played. Completely turned me off. Using the giant sword to shoot purple lasers looked silly to me compared to what I am used to a mesmer doing.

    I look forward to our virtual weekend dates!

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