Geeks are the Best Kind of People

“I think we should take our relationship to the next level.”

“But I haven’t earned enough experience….”

I love quoting my boyfriend. He has the cutest brain.

In recent years I’ve come to embrace my geekiness. I was in denial, but you know what? Geeks are the best kind of people. Maybe I’m just stereotyping, but geeks(as they mature) become some of the most creative, intelligent, gutsy, and outgoing people on the planet. Normally when I’m around my less geeky acquaintances I go into camouflage mode and dial down my geek. Mostly because its difficult to communicate temporal rifts and time lords to non-familiars. Eh, but here I am…. and just last week I related the omniscience of God to theories in time travel which allow for the presence of free will and predestination. So I’m letting my geekiness slip and its making me a lot happier to geek out with my less geeky brethren. Perhaps I can convince them to join the geek side and grow our already powerful ranks.

So, have any of you seen the Avengers cartoon? I think they made it to rally interest in the Avengers movie that is coming out. My boyfriend and I were watching the cartoon, and it is really good. We got into a heated debate over Graviton’s super powers, that totally break the rules. Graviton has the power to manipulate gravity. He can make an island as light as a feather or an ant weigh 100 tons. If you think about it, that is a pretty amazing power. I’m not sure how he is able to manipulate multiple objects with different amounts of force at the same time, but I’m willing to suspend my belief. However I had a hard time figuring out how Graviton’s gravity shield could possibly deflect lightening. Because Lightening is energy lacking substance it seems strange that Graviton would have the ability to deter it. I guess the electricity could be directed using particles in the air, but it really isn’t a fair stretch on his abilities.

Watch it, its an entertaining show.

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One response to “Geeks are the Best Kind of People

  1. Gravity can bend light. So it is reasonable that gravity can also bend lightning. If I was Graviton I would just use my power to crush the blood vessels in my opponents’ bodies. Not flashy, but very deadly.

    Hmmm you didn’t mention to me about your ideas of God’s omniscience and time travel. I look forward to that conversation.

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