Guild Wars 2 Screenshot Tips

This weekend I participated in the Beta Weekend 3 Screenshot Contest.    It was an interesting task to take a screenshot without your player character smack in the middle of it. So I will share with you a few tips on how to take a picture without your character in the frame.

1. Hide UI

The first tip to taking a good screen shot you should already know from reading the usual wikis and FAQ’s.
Press ctrl+shift+h   to hide your UI. The UI are all of the panels on your screen, like the chat panel and your action window. Hiding the UI also hides the names of players, npc’s and enemies so you don’t have them floating around in your picture.

2. Sleep

Type /sleep and press Enter to make your character lie down on the ground and sleep. You can then zoom your camera in and tilt upwards to remove your character from the picture. This works fine if you are trying to get a shot of tall buildings or something in the sky. The negative is that you can’t get a good shot of something on the ground and sometimes your character’s forehead will get in the way. This brings us to my next tip.

3. Turn Sideways

Once you figure out what you want to take a picture of, turn your character to the left or right and use the /sleep command. Then drag your camera back to what you want a picture of and zoom in.  This gets rid of the forehead problem because the camera will zoom in over their stomach. You also won’t have to tilt the camera up as high. Now for my last tip!

4. Back to the Wall

Back your character into a wall, or any solid object.You will notice your character becoming transparent. You might also see the backs of their eyes, which is kinda creepy. If this happens you are doing it right! Now use the /sleep command to make your character lie down. Your character will be out of the frame, and you will be able to take a screenshot without tilting the camera up. This means that you can get more ground in the picture. This is the best technique to use, but sometimes you won’t be able to use it, because there is nothing handy to back into.

Oh and one last thing, make sure your game graphics are set to Best Appearance. This will greatly improve the quality of your screenshots.

Click the screenshots below to see them full size.

I entered this one into the screenshot contest.

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