My Plan to Invade Artist Alley

I’ve decided that next year I am going to sell my art at the local anime conventions in artist alley.  I’m concentrating on making kawaii things, like unicorns and kittens.

Artist Alley encourages on the spot commissions. I didn’t think I could do this at first because generally my pencil work kinda sucks unless I spend hours on it. I finally figured out what I could offer that would be quick and super adorable. Tiny animal sketches! I found out today that half an index card is the perfect size for my drawings because I draw really small. I also found out that I’m not good at drawing monkeys. I thought I would sell them for $1.00 seeing as they are so small and in pencil.

Is this something you would spend  a dollar on?

The rest of my merchandise will be professionally printed digital work, in delightfully bright or pastel colors.

I will be Selling :

(edit: I added the prices and sizes of the things I will be selling)

  • 1″ acrylic phone charms – $5
  • 5×3 sticker sheets – $2
  • A set of two 1″ stickers for – $1
  • postcard size prints – $2
  • tiny buttons set of 3 – $2
  • bookmarks (free)
  • tiny animal sketches – $1
  • posters (maybe) 11×17 – $8

Could you answer a few questions for me? Pretty please…. with a cherry on top.

What do you usually buy at conventions?

What animals would make cute phone charms?

What attracts you to an artists table?

What would make you avoid an artists table?

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6 responses to “My Plan to Invade Artist Alley

  1. I would pay a dollar for your pencil sketches. They are very cute!

    1) The few times I’ve been to a convention, I am drawn to art that isn’t over priced such as nice little paintings, drawing, and similar.

    2) Octopus, rabbits, koala, frog, dragons, fish, snails, and butterflies

    3) Decent quality works, interesting photos, people not going to the table

    4) Loud dress by the artists, huge prints for sale ( means high prices), pushiness in selling their works, very high prices.

  2. I’m planning to have reasonable prices. I am planning to sell the acrylic phone charms for $5, sticker sheets for $2 (5×3) size, and maybe sets of two 1inch stickers (same size as the charms) for $1. I am goingto sell the postcard prints for $2, and the sets of 3 buttons for $2. Animal sketches would be $1 and if I did posters (17×11) they would be $5. Bookmarks would be free. I would still be making a fair profit at these prices, because I researched the lowest production prices.

  3. 1. Haven’t been to a convention; craft shows only… but the basics are the same.
    2, Chipmunks, Panda Bears. It depends (also) on what age consumer you are seeking.
    If adults; maybe specific breeds of dogs, slightly altered in appearance to be of your
    own creative bent… same for cats, kittens.
    3. Colorful presentation without being overdone. Clearly defined prices. What your
    product is used for. Others gathering around to view your wares.
    4. Hovering over the prospective buyer.

  4. Hi, I just wanted to say that your posts have been so VERY helpful on giving me insight on how to make my own merchandise. Since I moved, I haven’t found any people I could really even remotely ask for help on this and not many who support my drawing, so thank you for posting this.
    And I’m sure that you’ll be able to sell your adorable drawings for any price you set, the prices you have are reasonable, good luck 🙂

    • Thank you Saby! I’m so glad you found it encouraging. I’m working on an article for JapanPowered now with advice for getting ready for your first alley. I’ll link it to you when its done.

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