Midorcon 2012

Midoricon 2012

I dressed up as a Companion Cube at Midoricon, the new Eastern Ohio anime convention at Salt Fork Lodge. Sadly I only have one picture of myself in costume. The one above with the fabulous Tuxedo Mask. On a happier note I set out on a quest to take pictures of other people wearing my companion cube. There were lots of super cool cosplayers at Midoricon. I am including a slideshowa below of all the Midoricon Cubeheads who were brave enough to put a companion cube on their heads and all the amazing cosplayers at Midoricon. Forgive me for not getting everyone’s picture at Midoricon, but my battery died and I was forced to quit taking pictures. A list of my top 10 favorite things at Midoricon is also below.

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My 10 Favorite Things from Midoricon

1. Cosplay Dating Game

2. Maid Cafe :: mmmmm hot chocolate and midori rolls

3. Taking pictures of people wearing my companion cube. You Cube-heads know who you are.

4. Ryan dressed as a girl

5. Getting a Fox Plush from Kimmy!

6. Mortal Combat Larpers

7. Lelouch for best Cosplay

8. The normal people who asked us what we were doing, and were totally cool with it.

9. Slenderman being a stealthy photo sniper.

10. The friendliness of everyone at Midoricon!

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