My Business Cards


My mini business cards came in the mail today! I ordered them from a print company called MOO. I am really happy with my cards. I ordered 200 cards. They came neatly packaged in two little boxes. The cards themselves are made of a super sturdy card stock, almost like matte board. They have a smooth matte finish, that gives them a soft look. MOO has a service called printfinity, that allows you to choose a different picture for each card in your order. So, if you order 100 cards you can use 100 different pictures. I ordered mine with 4 images, and they came collated. On the back they have my shop info:: open yet) . I love my cards! I had a strong urge to hand out my cards right after they came, but I resisted the urge. My shop isn’t open yet. If people went to my shop they would be terribly disappointed. I’m waiting for my acrylic charms to come it so I can finish putting them together. And I’m waiting on some buttons. I also need to work on my stickers. What do you think about large postcards that have these bunnies as cut out paper dolls that you can dress up?

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