My Kawaii Star

I just opened up a shop, My Kawaii Star . I had ordered a bunch of acrylic charms from Zap Creatives, a company with great customer service. (edit: I just counted up my charms, and they actually sent me 30 extra charms! That makes me really happy.)

A batch of buttons from Pure Buttons  that shipped really fast.

Here is a coupon for Pure Buttons!

To top it off I order some mini business cards from Moo. They are really cool because you can have many different designs on the front of your cards.

I’m also sculpting some food charms to sell on My Kawaii Star. They look super delicious, but I won’t reveal them yet.

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3 responses to “My Kawaii Star

      • Oh, but wouldn’t that complicate things based on the simplicity of checkout from storenvy compared to weebly? Either way, I hope your decision is something your more comfortable with (: And thanks for the link, I scrolled through your content for a bit!

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