E-Bento: Food or Art

E-Bento = Picture Lunch. Bento is a Japanese packed lunch.  In Japanese ‘e’ means picture.

I love these little lunches, typically prepared for young children to take to school. I however wouldn’t mind my lovey making me a lunch like this. I can’t get over how much time it must take to prepare a lunch like this. I always had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich slapped together a granola bar and a pouch of fruit snacks. These are seriously delicious and healthy lunch. Look at the variety of fresh veggies, filling rice, protein rich eggs and meats. To top it off, the cute pictures and messages must brighten the kids day. It conveys the affection of the cook. I have heard that some mothers can be quite competitive.

I want to encourage you all to try making a creative, healthy bento for someone you love, or just for yourself. It may look hard, but there are many inexpensive tools you can use to punch shapes from veggies, nori(seaweed) or omelets or mold eggs.

  • e-obento.com has unique obento pictures, with ratings on nutrition and design.(translate it with google translate)
  • jbox.com bento and cooking supplies
  • Anna the Red A super talented e-bento maker. Her gallery is amazing!

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