Little Inferno :: Review

Little Inferno is a casual game created by the Tomorrow Corporation. The point of the game according to the minimal storyline, is to burn things in your “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace” to keep you warm in a frozen world. The goal for the player is to unlock burnable combinations from the Combo list and be rewarded with stamps that make items you can burn ship faster. In this game you have a Tomorrow Corp. Catalog with random items you can order and burn in your fireplace. As you buy items you will unlock more items in your catalog. Once you buy all the items in a catalog you are given the option to buy a new catalog.

You need money to order from your catalog. Because you are stuck staring into the fireplace whose face is eerily familiar from the World of Goo, you earn coins by squishing  or burning spiders that come down your chimney, and burning the items you order from your catalog. This may seem counter intuitive, but you actually earn more coins from burning things than it cost you to buy them. This is nice because I didn’t have to worry about running out of money, or have to go on a spider killing spree.

Little Inferno fireplace

Throughout the game you will receive letters from the tomorrow corporation commenting on your faithfulness as a customer and giving you gifts. You also receive letters from the weather man, and much more interesting letters from Sugar Plumps, your fire obsessed neighbor. You can burn the letters to get a few coins, and really you don’t want to keep them because they take up counter space for your delightful burnable items. The entire storyline for this game is contained in the letters you receive.


This game was made for all those people who enjoy smashing pots in other peoples houses for rupees. You can place multiple items in your Little Inferno and light them up and watch them burn to cinders. You can smash them against the wall (Note: things made of metal smash better after they are burned.) Or you can smash them against the wall while they are on fire. Ooh exciting! Some of the toys you purchase you can actually play with, like the Tetris Blocks. Many of the items you purchase have entertaining animations when they burn. Perhaps a bit disturbing like the Poo Poo Kitty Plush, which poops when aflame. all I have to say for this one is ewww. Seriously gross. Unfortunately I had to keep burning Poo Poo Kitty because she was part of many of the combos. Some of the items you burn aren’t that special, but most of the items are accompanied by a unique animation, a special effect, or colorful flames. Wanting to know what happens when something is burned is one of the reasons I didn’t get tired of the game.

The Combo Menu is located on a little star tab at the top of the screen. There are 99 combos listed but they only become available as you buy catalogs. The combos have names that hint to which two or three items when burned together will complete the combo. They have literal combos like Catfish, where you can easily assume that you will need to burn a cat and a fish together to complete the combo. Some combos you are less obvious like Medicated Midlife, where you need to look for those words in the product title or description to tip you off. Others are down-right tricky little buggers, like Generations. I had to look up the answer for that one. There are still others like the Colorful Flames where you will need to pay attention to the animations of burning objects. If you notice that there are items that have similar animations it is almost guaranteed that there is a Combo for them, so pay attention. You can also burn more than one combo at the same time.

Poo poo kitty

There is no timer on this game and you won’t freeze to death if you don’t burn anything so really the fireplace is not for keeping you warm. Instead it is meant to entertain your destructive nature. This game is strangely addictive. It is creepy and a bit disturbing at times. This game is not recommended for children to watch or play unless you want to torture them. Please take caution and do not play with fire outside your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace.

Title: Little Inferno

Cost: $10-$15 Depending on the Platform

Platforms: PC and Wii U

# of Players: 1

Graphics:  Delightfully grungy

Audio: Ambient

Gameplay: Smooth, Bug-free (if you don’t count the spiders) and Unusual

Genre: Casual: bringing out your inner pyro while fighting of frigid boredom

Age Recommended: Teen + (Young children will not appreciate the burning of Poo Poo Kitty and her unsightly animal companions.  Or toys full of syringes and pills…. that would be difficult to explain)

Summary: I enjoyed playing Little Inferno because of its unusual gameplay and oddly addictive and entertaining nature. It kept me hooked for the entire four hours it took to play through the game, complete all the combos and make it through the ending. This game does not have much replay value, but it could be fun to watch a friend play it. More like funny to see what they come up with for combos. Is it worth $10? I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

Fire Warning

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