Custom Sticker Sheets Cost Comparison

Last year I wrote a post on where to order custom sticker sheets. At the time I had only found one company ZapCreatives a UK based company who made custom sticker sheets. Leia commented and told me about another company called Stand Out Stickers that also makes sticker sheets. I decided to compare the cost and benefits of these two companies.

Zap Creatives vs Stand Out Stickers

Both companies offer a variety of sticker sheet dimensions, so when I compare the cost I will be comparing the cost of ordering 125 sticker sheets with the dimensions 5″ x 4″

Zap Creatives costs 124.70 Euros which is $164.49. This does not include shipping.

Stand Out Stickers costs $162.50 + a fee depending on how many stickers are on your sticker sheet. Example $37.50 for 10 stickers and $75 for 20 stickers.This would come out to $208.83 if you only wanted 10 stickers on your sticker sheet or $246.33 if you want 20 stickers on each sticker sheet. This does not include shipping.

Zap Creatives does not have this fee or a limit on the number of stickers per sheet , so the cost ends up considerably lower.

We can divide these costs to find out how much it would cost for 1 5″x4″ sticker sheet. This can also help you determine your selling price. Zap Creatives would cost $1.31 for 1 sticker sheet.

Stand Out Stickers would cost  $1.67 for 1 sticker sheet (of 10 stickers) or $1.97 for 1 sticker sheet (of 20 stickers).

Now for a few other comparisons. (I will be using initials ZC and SOS for the companies)

Lowest Print Run you can order

ZC: 50 sticker sheets

SOS: 125 sticker sheets

Smallest Printable Size and Largest Printable Size

ZC: 1″x1″ to 4′ x 2′(4 feet by 2 feet, is the largest, not inches) They also have a larger range of sizes.

SOS: 2″x2″ to 10″x3″

Material Used

ZC: 140gsm gloss vinyl

SOS: Vinyl with UV gloss laminate

Is there a fee for full color printing?

ZC: No


Do they provide extra services?

SOS: Can attach hang tags to stickers for an additional fee.

ZC: No

In summary:

Both of these companies create quality sticker sheets, but for the price Zap Creatives is more affordable with fewer fees and sizing limitation, though it does not offer some of the features that Stand Out Stickers does. Check out both of these companies. They offer other services that might interest you.

Zap Creatives

Stand Out Stickers

Coupon for 10% off Stand Out Stickers

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6 responses to “Custom Sticker Sheets Cost Comparison

  1. Hi, thanks for the comparison.
    I was not sure if you considered the VAT charge included in the Zap’s Creative pricing. Their website includes a 20% VAT charge for UK residents. But, if you live outside the UK, the 20% Vat charge is not applicable. A 20% discount is applied during checkout. This may affect the per sticker price mentioned in the article above.

  2. Thanks for sharing the comparison between the two companies. I believe that each companies have offer great prices, they have these standards that stand them out from other sticker companies.

  3. Silly question, but I noticed the materials being a little different. Is Stand out Stickers’ material significantly better than Zap Creative’s because of the UV gloss laminate?

    • Actually I don’t know if the Zap Creative vinyl has UV or not. Zap Creatives do not advertise their vinyl as having UV gloss, so I would assume it is not, though it does say that their stickers are appropriate for outdoor use. UV gloss vinyl is intended to protect the stickers from color fade. I will contact Zap and ask them. Thanks for your question.

  4. Hi there, Evan from StandOut Stickers here! We recently upgraded our website to include a better checkout, cart & reordering system. We’d love for you to check it out.

    Also I noticed that you have our maximum size listed incorrectly, we can offer stickers much larger, up to 96″ if you choose from the ‘custom size / die cut’ menu. We now offer hang tags as an option too.

    Please note that we print and ship via fedex from Medina, OH, USA so a lower shipping expense may affect your total price vs. ordering from a UK printer and shipping internationally.

    We also offer template help and livechat most weekdays on the site during regular business hours. We’re here to help!

    We’ve got a 15% off new website promotion ending today, but you’re also welcome to take 10% off at any time with SOSTENOFF

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