Ubira: an unrealized project

This is a really old project I had posted on Behance a long time ago. I thought I would re-post it here to well show you stuff….. The Ubira project was dropped, and the site no longer exists, but this is was is left of it. So please excuse that it is written as if it is still being made.


“As cute as marching bunny sprites are, the purpose of this post is to  showcase the website I designed for theRPG: Ubira: World Domination(currently in development). But before I continue I will address two points of interest about these marching bunnies, which are sprites for the main character, Ubira.  #1) He is wearing an eyepatch, and #2)yes those are Pikachu footy pajamas. (I know its odd for an adolescent male rabbit to wear such a childish thing, but he was rather disgusted when I brought it up.)

Now check out my awesome web designing skills of … well, awesomeness.  I only say this because I’m quite proud of my first web design project, where I actually had to break out my coding skills. Believe me I felt the old grey matter sweating under the strain of interpreting code. Usually my brain shuts down and my vision blurs.

Anyway, look I used the color Orange. Orange is so under indulged. Orange is not the weird Aunt who lives in the attic making jello sculptures of prehistoric vegetation. I like the way black and white compliment the orange, it seems so urgent, like traffic cones. Who doesn’t like traffic cones?… ok… who isn’t devilishly tempted to run them over?


Now its time to appreciate the slashy-thingies I used to pull the whole design together. Oooh repetition.. Aaah uniformity… Simple yet satisfying and yet I still feel like running over traffic cones.

Lastly I would like to draw your attention the logo in the top left… I mean right hand corner. (as much as I would like to claim my sense of direction as a literary tool, I really did have to check my hands to see which side was right and which side was left) Doesn’t this logo look great in orange? Now look at the bottom left corner. Doesn’t it look even better in black? And this logo took me all of 10 minutes to prepare. (I’m lying, I don’t really remember how long it took)”
UbiraMonsterPageToo bad it didn’t survive.

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