Panel Idea for the Parents of Convention Goers

I was trying to think of panels that could be fun at an anime convention, and that would fulfill a need that is not yet being met. Then I realized that there needs to be a panel for the parents of the teens and tweens that dutifully attend conventions because they love their children and even though they may not understand why their children like anime, they are determined to support their interests. Wouldn’t it be awesome for their kids to say, hey mom and dad, you should check out this panel, its all about being a parent and will teach you the basics about anime so you can have a better understanding of why I like it.

Seriously I wish I had something like that to use to teach my parents about anime. It would have helped a lot.  Did you ever have to explain to your parents how valuable and important manga and anime are? That they are not cartoons for little kids and oh my goodness I am not a freak. Also being that I am in the child care profession, I also think that it is important for parents of budding anime/manga lovers to be aware that not all anime/manga is safe for children and that they need to have their red flags raised on words like yaoi/hentai/yuri, and at the same time assure them that there is a lot of anime and manga that is amazing for their children to watch and read, that won’t scar them for life.

I feel like I should run a series of panels called: “The Care and Feeding of my Otaku Teen” or perhaps “Oh My God My Kid is a Geek, Parent Survival Guide” I like the sound of that. Now I just want to write a bunch of blogs about how to raise geeks. I am totally using geek as a positive term, because I am a geek and I believe that geeks have a rich and varied culture, and that the majority of the population can be categorized as some type of geeky. What is one thing you wish your parents knew about raising the geeky you?


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