Adoptables: The Art of Collectable Characters

I was recently sucked into making collectable characters known as adoptables. They are so fun to draw, and it encourages me to expand my skills as an artist and create highly unique and detailed characters.

Adoptables are unique characters created by graphic artists. The artists put these characters up for ‘adoption’ so other artists or enthusiasts can buy them or trade for them. The character becomes the property of the buyer.


The greatest benefit of buying an adoptable is that you are buying quality artwork and ownership of the character design.. No one else can buy your character.  You can use adoptables for a variety of purposes. You can use them as your avatar, or a role playing character. You can build a story around your character, and use your adoptable as a visual reference. You can commission art of your character or trade art with others. You can collect many different adoptables and build a family or a universe around them. You gotta adopt them all! Its kind of like collecting Pokemon.  I have to admit that I keep about half of the adoptables that I make because I get so attached to them. I also do a lot of art trades to get more art of my darlings.  You can see all of the art I have collected so far Here

This is a character I recently put up for auction and a comic strip of him for Halloween. I decided to keep him, because he was just too cute!

Pumpkin PrinceSheet Halloween comic


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